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Transcription Samples
Media/3D Tour Block
Comparison Photos on Check Out Reports
Copy/Merge Current Report Information into a New Report
Import Contacts from Property
Tenant Comments Summary on Reports
Skip Reference Numbers on Report
Review Settings for Reports
Hide Attachments on Report
Photo Annotations
Removing Report Link Access
Custom Section Presets
Auto-Close Inspections
Sync Report Data Points
Audit Trail Option for Reports
New Section Status Field
Tenant Confirmation Emails
Inspection Scheduler
Option to Confirm Inspections
Heads-Up Reports
Embedding Documents to Inspection Reports
Importing Self Service/ Live Inspections in Bulk
Conditional Logic
Adding a new inspection
First to Accept Feature
Export/Download Photos
Sync Data from External Sources
Assigning a clerk
Copying a Report Structure
Assigning a typist
Completing a Report
Viewing & Sharing Reports
Inventory Base - Email Examples
A Guide to Check Outs
Updating notes and disclaimers
Agenda Feature
Create Work Order Inspections from Action Lists
Sharing Unique Report Links For Contacts to Add their own Additional Comments
Internal (hidden) Rooms and Items on a Report
Deleting Photos and Attachments from a Report
Exporting Reports to Spreadsheet
Importing Inspections in Bulk
Inspection Types and How to Create Your Own
Adding additional data fields to your Inspections
Calendar Feature
Completing reports for a HMO
Advanced Actions and Notifications
Booking Inspections in Bulk
Adding Custom Options and Answer Sets to a Report
Custom Sections in your Template/Report
Adding a Clerk Arrival Time
Importing existing PDF reports
Adding Contacts and Recipients
SMS Notifications for Inspections
Cancelling an Inspection
Copying An Existing Inspection
Copying an Existing Inspection from Another Property
Copying an Existing Inspection or Changing the Template After Starting a Report
Copying Photos from a Previous Report
Copy part of a report to a new report
Merging multiple reports together
Selecting the Report Type and Changing the Report Title
Provisionally Booking an Inspection as TBC (To Be Confirmed)
Self-Service Inspections
Creating a Report Using the App
Editing reports online
Using the Transcription Service
Adding New Sections to Reports and Re-Ordering Rooms
Using the Dictionary Online
Flagging issues with Follow-up Actions Online
Embedding 360 Photos
Working from recorded audio dictations
Setting up Foot Pedals for Audio Playback
Restoring Deleted Rooms, Items, and Photos
Creating a Template from an Inspection Report
Helping Tenants to Sign a Report Online
Adding Tenant Photos to the Final PDF Report
Generating a Sample Report
Custom Option Sets with Colours
Agenda Maps
Search Inspections by Contact Name or Email
Linking an Image to an Action
Auto-increment References for Inspections