Welcome to InventoryBase.

We built InventoryBase to streamline the end-to-end inspection and property reporting process allowing users to create detailed and professional property reports in a fraction of the time.

There’s a lot of value packed into InventoryBase to simplify your property inspections end-to-end and produce great property reports – but these 7 articles will help the most common users understand the main benefits immediately: 

  1. The InventoryBase Workflow – Milestones, audit trails and notifications

  2. From Inventory to Check In – Starting new tenancies right

  3. The InventoryBase App - Completing reports quickly in the field

  4. Getting Reports Signed – Capture digital signatures in-person or online

  5. A Guide to Check Outs - Checking out tenants with InventoryBase

  6. Customising Templates – Conducting all kinds of property inspections

  7. Integrations – Connect third party software to your InventoryBase

Check out our support articles for more guidance on using the app and editing reports online.

If you need support at any time, we're available round-the-clock to assist you:

Thanks again for trying InventoryBase, from all of us.

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