Downloading and Installing the App

Learn how to get the Inventory Base set up on your mobile device.

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Inventory Base is currently available for Android and iOS devices only. We may in the future release versions of the App for various Windows-based devices and other operating systems. These will be announced on our Blog.

Apple iOS

To download the mobile app for Apple iOS, including iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini, follow this link:

Google Android

To download the mobile app for Android, including Samsung & Nexus Smartphones and Tablets, follow this link:

You can also search for 'InventoryBase' under your device's App Store (Play Store for Android).

The App is more or less identical between both operating systems. We recommend the latest generation iOS devices sold with iOS9 or the higher end Android tablets (above £250) running Android 6 and later.

Once you've done that, head over to the help section titled "The App" to continue reading. 

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