The Reapit Group is a property software provider of CRM and property management solutions specialising in the residential real estate sector. The integration between InventoryBase and Reapit works by syncing your properties from your Reapit account into InventoryBase.

To integrate, you can do this either on your InventoryBase or Reapit account

On Reapit

Navigate to your Reapit software and follow the directions below:

  • On the left-hand side, select Apps, and click on InventoryBase followed by INSTALL APP

  • Scroll and read through the Terms, and select Confirm

  • The following pop up will then appear once successful, from here head to your InventoryBase account

On InventoryBase

  • Click Settings > Integrations > Connect Reapit

  • From here, enter in your Reapit credentials

Once logged in, your InventoryBase has now been successfully been integrated and you should see the connect button turn yellow, with some additional options shown below:

Syncing properties and appointments

Reapit has many different property types and several statuses that users can customise on their account, so may differ on your what you see below, but will allow you to choose which property types to keep in sync with InventoryBase. Landlords are imported when importing properties

You can also edit which appointment types will be automatically created on InventoryBase. Everything other than Inventory, Check In and Check Out will be synced as a 'Standalone Inspection' report type with the custom report title. Landlords and tenants are imported when importing appointments

If you have setup templates to apply to specific inspection types, these will automatically be applied.

Properties are synced daily at 3am and Appointments are synced daily at 4am.

Syncing Contacts

Landlords will be included on any properties sync'd over to InventoryBase, so they can be automatically sent the report when marked complete. You can control which notifications contacts receive by clicking Manage on the Contacts section of a property on InventoryBase:

Tenants will be automatically imported along with any sync'd appointments:

Assigning reports to Team members

If you have assigned a Negotiator/Attendee to the appointment on Reapit, providing they exist in your Team on InventoryBase, with the same email address, they will be automatically assigned to the inspection.

If not, you will need to manually assign the report to someone within InventoryBase, or managers can self-assign.

Syncing reports back to Reapit

Once you or your assigned inspector marks the report complete, InventoryBase will automatically generate a PDF copy and upload this to the Property Documents on Reapit, as well as create the associated journal entries.

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