The integration between InventoryBase and SME Professional works by syncing your properties from your SME Professional account into InventoryBase.

When an Inspection is created and completed on InventoryBase, the following information is then synced back to your SME Professional account: 

  • Visit Date

  • PDF report url

  • Web report url

To set up the Integration, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > Integration > Connect SME Professional on your InventoryBase account 

  • Once you have entered this information, it will then ask if you would like to Skip or Sync properties and contacts 

Once integrated, InventoryBase will check for any new properties and inspections each day.

If you need a property to be added immediately, select Sync Properties And Contacts on the integration page (Settings > Integrations > SME Professional) to sync instantly. Likewise if you add a last minute property visit, click Sync Inspections to immediately create the report on InventoryBase.

You can select which types of property will sync with InventoryBase, to only include rented and managed properties.

Once the report has been completed on InventoryBase, it will append the report URL and report actions to the appointment comments on SME Professional.

Properties are synced daily at 5am (UCT).

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