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Property Meter Readings
Property Meter Readings

Store the water, electric, gas and other meter readings automatically within the property's records.

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Save electric, gas, water, and other meter readings effortlessly against any property and send automatic updates via your inspection lifecycles as soon as you complete the report or inspection.

โœ๏ธ Adding your Meter Reading to a Property

  1. Navigate to your properties tab at the top of your dashboard >> search and click on the property. On the Info page of the property, you will see the Meters option on the right panel that displays the property info. Click on 'Manage' next to the Meters info:

2. Click on the green 'Add New Meter':

3. Add your meter reading by choosing your type (Gas, Water Electricity, Oil, Other) and input the reading information in the relevant fields.

You can also upload an attachment with this reading. Once you are done, click on Save.

4. Once you click on 'Save', the meter reading will appear in the Meter table:

5. Click on the three dots on the right to add submit a new reading for that meter or to view the attachment (if any) of the current meter.

โœ๏ธ Adding Meter Readings within your inspection report

When working on your inspection report, add the Meter section to your report:

Include the relevant meter readings in the fields:

Once you mark your inspection as Complete, the meter readings from the section will automatically save & update the property's information panel:

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