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Required Custom Fields
Required Custom Fields

Add specific information boxes that must be filled in when creating a property, clerk, or inspection; meter reading, current gas usage, etc.

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This feature is currently available for Enterprise users only.


You can manage Custom Fields from your Settings tab on your web dashboard > scroll to the bottom of your General settings tab:

Here you will be able to manage the custom fields for:

  • Properties

  • Inspections

  • Clients

  • Clerks

  • General Account

You can also enable/disable the External Data Source option for Custom Fields from your Settings tab.

Navigate to the area of the system you want to add a custom field to > choose the property/inspection/clerk/client you'd like to add the custom field to.

Example > on the Info page of the Property, click on the Manage option next to Custom Fields on the right side of the page:

Click on the blue "Add New Field":

Customise the name and details you would like to appear on the custom field.

- You can enable if you would like the field to show on the Filter List (if you need to do a quick search using this field under the Properties/Inspections tab).

- If you tick the "Required" box, this means that the field will become mandatory on this property and all future properties created.

You also have the option to add a custom field for data from an external source, i.e., third-party integrations (FixFlo, MDA, etc.) or from a URL (weather websites, etc.)

If you enable "External data source" > you must choose a specific data source that you want the data to pull from.

NOTE - you must be connected to an integration for you to select it.

Once you save the Custom Field > click on Edit Property > you will now see the custom field at the bottom left corner.

The red asterisk above the custom field name indicates that it is a mandatory field (you will not be able to update/create the property without adding information to the box).

Add the relevant information to the custom field(s) and click Update Property.

You will now see the custom field appearing on the info panel of the property:

If you enabled to show on "Filter List" option for this custom field, you will also be able to search for the specific property/inspection using the custom field data.

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