Please note that this is an Enterprise feature, please contact Support for further information.

InventoryBase provides a feature to flag items with follow-up actions or highlight issues throughout a property. By using Actions, you can log all cleaning, maintenance issues, replacements, etc on file, delivered on your report and downloadable as a separate report. You can read an overview on Advanced Actions here.

With the Work Order feature you can:

  • Create checklists from Actions

  • Easily mark each Action's status as Done/Not Done

  • Mark as Complete to notify any appropriate parties

  • Create reports which you can share/download as a PDF

Creating a Work Order

Once you have conducted the report, and you would like to create a Work Order with the Actions you have flagged, head to the Actions tab of the Inspection.

Further down the Actions page, you will find the option add prices to any Actions flagged in the report

Once you are happy with your list and the costs, select the Create Work Order button, located about the Actions list

The following pop up will then appear for you to fill in the details of the booking

Once you have filled in the details, select Create Work Order

From here, you can View Work Order, which will then take you to the Work Orders info tab

Like all Inspections created on InventoryBase, you can add Clients and Contacts. so that when the Work Order is complete, it can send to them automatically, or you can choose to Share manually.

Also, like all reports on InventoryBase, this can also be fetched to your device to complete on site.

Head over to the Edit Report tab and here you will be presented with a checklist

Simply mark the work order as Not Done/Done, add any comments, and any costs if you have not done so already.

Once you have completed the Checklist, select Mark Complete. If you are using the app, be sure to sync the report back to the desktop version.

From here, click View Report to Sign, Share or download the report as a PDF

Any actions marked as 'Done' or 'Not Done' will update the list accordingly in the Actions tab of the initial inspection.

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