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Flagging issues with Follow-up Actions Online
Flagging issues with Follow-up Actions Online

Use InventoryBase's built-in Actions feature to flag issues throughout the property which are highlighted on the final report.

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This article will guide you on how to use the Actions feature on the online desktop version of InventoryBase, click here to read the guide for the App version. 

InventoryBase provides a feature to flag items with follow-up actions or highlight issues throughout a property. 

By using Actions, you can log all cleaning, maintenance issues, replacements, etc on file, delivered on your report and downloadable as a separate report. 

To add an Action/Issue, navigate to the room/area of the report you're in and tap on the triangle icon or + Action button on the right of any line item.

A window will appear allowing you to select the appropriate actions. 

You can also assign who's responsible for this issue, i.e. typically a landlord at check in, or typically a tenant at check out, or you can defer by selecting 'Investigate'. If you do not wish to assign any liability for this action you can select N/A (Not Applicable). 

By default, InventoryBase will repeat the condition of the item as the action's summary, so you don't need to add a comment for the action, however if you want to describe the issue specifically you can add your comments and these will show instead of the condition. 

Navigate to Settings > Report > Actions and Liabilities to amend any settings necessary. 

Customising Actions

Default actions provided by InventoryBase include Needs Cleaning, Needs Maintenance and Needs Replacing. You can also type custom actions or issues into the text box provided while on-site directly in the app.

If you wish to customise your default, selectable Actions list, you can navigate to Settings > Actions to manage defaults for each enabled inspection type. 

Exporting Actions

There are two ways to export actions or issues captured during the report once it's marked complete. 

1. Via the Inspections page, filter the inspections down to just the one(s) you want to download the actions for then click 'Export Actions' on the bottom left of the filters. InventoryBase will generate a CSV file of all the property/inspection/action information for the combined inspections visible in your list. 

2. Via third party software integrations, if you use external software such as Fixflo, you can integrate it with your InventoryBase account (Settings > Integrations). Upon marking reports complete, all actions will be transferred as issues to your system ready to track.

Contact support for more information on integrating your existing software.

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