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Integrating with The Depositary
Integrating with The Depositary

Integrate with The Depositary to ensure the end of a tenancy is a smooth process.

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The Depositary removes 80% of your ‘end of tenancy’ admin whilst delighting tenants and landlords with a transparent, simple, anytime, anywhere online service.

The interactive timeline viewable by agent, landlord and tenant and automated emails ensure everyone is kept in the loop and understands when it is their turn to perform an action.

Regular chasers ensure nothing falls through the cracks, keeping the move outs moving forward.

Customers have gone from spending 3 to 4 hours on each concluding tenancy down having the majority of their move outs require just 30 minutes of their time and attention - our new integration is likely to halve that time yet again.

How to connect your Inventory Base account to The Depositary:

  • Click Settings > Integrations > Connect The Depositary

  • This will redirect you to The Depositary website so you can enter your login details

  • The next page may ask you which branches you would like to link your InventoryBase account to The Depositary. Select your preference and Link Branches

  • Once successfully linked, you will be redirected back to your Inventory Base account:

  • Click on the Settings option to choose when to send actions and PDF reports to The Depositary

Once integrated, navigate to add a check out as usual on your Inventory Base account, now you will see the option to Select Tenancy (assuming you have the tenancy set up on your Depositary account - please contact The Depositary if you need help with this).

When the inspection is created, you can find the tenancy under Deposit on the Info tab of the inspection

Start and conduct the check out as usual, adding in any Actions that may need to be carried out. These will be carried over to your The Depositary account once the report is marked as Complete or Closed, dependent on your settings.

If you have Advanced Actions (Enterprise or Add on Feature), head over to the Actions tab of your inspection to add prices to any actions you have added.

You can now add "To Investigate" action responsibilities as well.

These prices will then be added to the 'Deductions' section on your Depositary account once the report is marked Complete/Closed.

Once you have finished with the Check Out on Inventory Base and need any help with the next steps on The Depositary, please contact the Depositary team and they will be more than happy to help.

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