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Advanced Actions and Notifications
Advanced Actions and Notifications

Effectively oversee and address actions raised during completed inspections, ensuring timely notification to team members or contacts.

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Inventory Base offers a functionality allowing users to designate items necessitating follow-up actions or identify issues within a property. Utilising the Actions feature enables the comprehensive documentation of cleaning tasks, maintenance issues, replacements, and more, all seamlessly integrated into your report and available for separate download. You can read an overview on actions here.

If you want to change your default Actions, InventoryBase Enterprise provides way to customise them, located on the Actions tab under Settings. You can find out more about this here.

With the new Advanced Actions feature you can:

  • Create custom action reports which you can share/download as a PDF

  • Add prices, notes, and mark actions as complete

  • Choose to notify specific users or teams when an action type is completed

  • See an overview of a property's actions from the property info page by selecting the Actions tab

You can add an Action/Issue as usual by navigating to the room/area of the report you're in and tap on the triangle icon or + Action button on the right of any line item.

Now when adding an action to an item on the report editor, the Advanced Action's default comments will now show one of the following:

  1. Any action comments set from the previous report; or

  2. The item's description (if previous action comments are not set); or

  3. The item's condition (if the item's description is not set).

*New - You can now paste multiple lines in one go into action comments.

To amend the Advanced Actions settings, navigate to the Settings tab of the Inspection you are working on. Here you will see 3 filters - Grouping, Responsibility, and Action. These can be used to select the Actions/Issues to be included in the Action Report.

To customise your Action report, select how you would like the actions to be grouped in the Grouping column. In the Responsibility filter, you can check which checkboxes you would like to show in a report (you can select more than one). The Action filter lists checkboxes to tick off actions you would like to include in your action reports

Once you have selected your chosen filters, click Create Action Report.

You can create multipe Action Reports. There will appear in a list on the same page.

Further down the Actions page, you will find the option add prices as well as check once they have been done.

Once you have marked the report as 'Complete', your Action reports will be ready to use. Select View Report next to the Action report you wish to view:

The action report will open in a new tab. Select the PDF option on the top right to download the report and share with your contacts manually.

Any Action Reports created will appear in the the Inspection's and Property's Activity as below, including when an Action has been marked as complete.


You will now be able to view your Notes for the property on your Action Report.

To add your relevant notes, navigate to the Notes tab on your inspection page:

Once you view your Action Report, you will see the Notes section appear as below:

Auto-Send Action Reports & Checklists

If you would like to notify team members by email when Actions are flagged on a completed report, this can be done in on each specific Action for each specific inspection type, under Settings > Actions.

You can select an individual team member to notify, or you can select a Team (group of users) to notify. Learn more about setting up Teams here.

Enabling this notification will automatically generate a custom Actions report grouped with the Actions you've assigned this same team member or team, upon marking a report complete.

You'll also want to ensure the email notification is turned on in the team member's User settings. Navigate to Team, select the user and then onto the Emails tab. Switch on Inspection Completed With Action To Review

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