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Customising Actions
Customising Actions
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With InventoryBase, you can flag items that require a follow-up Action.

Actions consist of three default options:

  • Needs Cleaning

  • Needs Maintenance

  • Needs Replacing

You can also enter a custom label using your device's keyboard.

If you want to change your default Actions, InventoryBase provides a way to customise them, located on the Actions tab under Settings.

If you're going to regularly use additional actions, or you want to customise what Actions you can select based on the type of report, you can add and remove as necessary using the text box and checkboxes on the right column.

You and your staff will then be able to select from these Actions in-App, without having to type them in every time:

Uncheck an Action to remove it, type a new one in to the field above and hit Return on your keyboard to add new Actions to the list

When you customise your default Actions, you and all of your staff will need to tap 'Update Settings' from the app's Settings menu.

Customising Actions display on Reports

In addition to customising your default Actions, you can also customise how Actions display on reports.

To customise the report output, head to Settings > Reports and scroll down to the Actions section:

Actions can be output in 3 different ways:

  1. Grouped together as one list 

  2. Grouped by the name of the action (i.e. a single list of everything tagged 'Needs Cleaning', another list for 'Needs Maintenance', etc)

  3. Grouped by the party assigned liability (i.e. a single list of all landlord-assigned issues, another list of tenant-assigned issues). 

You can also choose whether photos appear on the Actions section (which repeats the photos assigned to the same item), and choose if Actions appear on the full report or only the 'Actions only' report. 

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