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Adding Custom Options and Answer Sets to a Report
Adding Custom Options and Answer Sets to a Report
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With Inventory Base's new and improved report editor, it is now possible to add advanced 'blocks' to your report. If you are not familiar with adding a new section on your report, you can find out more about adding/re-ordering blocks and block types here.

This feature is a part of our Advanced Templates features which are available as an Add-On to our plans at an additional monthly cost. Please contact our Support team for more info.

Once you have added a new inspection, start the report and navigate to the Edit Report tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see an option to add a 'Simplified' or 'Question' block.

When clicked, the following pop up will appear. Click on the drop down to view your existing option sets. Close to the bottom of this list, click Add Custom Option Set

You will then see this pop up.

Here you can add up to 6 options, as well as name your option sets for convenience when selecting next time.

Click Save Option Set once you are finished. This will add your custom option sets to the existing list ready for you to select.

To Manage your existing custom option sets, select Manage Custom Option Sets from the bottom of the list.

This pop up will then appear for you to either Edit or Delete out any.

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