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Adding New Sections to Reports and Re-Ordering Rooms
Adding New Sections to Reports and Re-Ordering Rooms

This article explains how to add a new room to a report and gives an overview of block types

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Custom Fields/Sections are a part of our Advanced Templates features that is standard with our Enterprise plan.

Advanced Templates features are available as an Add-On to our other plans at an additional monthly cost. Please contact our Support team for more info.

You can add new sections to the bottom of a report by selecting which Block Type you would like. When you are happy with your selection, simply start writing into the block for it to appear on the report.

Once the section has been added, you can re-order the rooms by hovering your mouse over the reference numbers on the left and you can click and drag the room up likewise.

Alternatively, you can re-order them from the item drop down menu, as below:

Block Types

When setting up reports, we refer to sections or ‘rooms’ within a property as blocks. Blocks can be named as anything. Different Block Types provide different input formats.


Room/block consisting of items with a text-based description and condition. Typically used in detailed inventory reports.


Room/block consisting of items with a single text-based comment/condition (no description). Typically used for Schedule of Condition and Cleaning Summary.


Room/block consisting of items with a Yes/No/NA toggle format, default toggles include Clean/Undamaged/Working but can be customised with up to 6 labels. Typically used for faster Inspection formats.


Room/block consisting of line items with a single Yes/No/NA answer, typically framed as questions on Check Ins/Check Outs and Interim Inspections.


Choose from 3 or 5 Star Rating Charts to indicate condition, entering a score of 1 to 3 or 5 for each item listed.


Special room/block type for entering Meter Readings including Gas and Electric. Inputs for Meter, Location/Serial and Reading.


Special room/block type for logging keys and a comment including description and handover notes.


Special room/block type for logging electrical appliance manuals.

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