In InventoryBase, an “Inspection” is a property report of some kind, whether it’s an Inventory, Check In, Check Out, Interim Inspection, Risk Assessment or any other type of property report.

Just click Add Inspection to begin creating a report. You'll find this button on the top right of your Dashboard or Inspections page.

The first screen will be the property screen, where you'll type a new property address or click the 'Existing Property' button to select an address you've already added before.

Starting typing an address and we'll show you matches right from Royal Mail's UK database to quick-fill.

If you want to store more information than just the address, everything else is optional but we recommend you fill in as much detail as possible.

Any property notes entered will appear on the app when completing reports in the field.

When you've finished here, click Create Property. 

On the next screen you'll select the inspection and report details...

Select a report type (ie. an Inventory or an Inspection)

Enter any contacts associated with the report, i.e. tenants or owners.

Select a date and, optionally, the time of the property visit to conduct the inspection.

If you have Team members, you'll see a Clerk dropdown to choose who to assign the inspection to.

Scroll down to add any additional information. If you have the extra features turned on, you can select a typist to assign the report to once the clerk is finished, and a pricelist to assign a charge to the report.

Select the location of keys or type into the box if none of the selections apply, plus any additional notes into the 'Internal Notes' field, relevant for this inspection, which will appear when starting the report on the app.

When you're done, just click Save & Continue.

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