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Adding a Clerk Arrival Time
Adding a Clerk Arrival Time

Set an arrival time for a clerk that is different from the conduct time

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The Arrival Time feature will come in handy when you would like to set an arrival time that is different to the tenants, allowing you time to conduct the report and make sure everything is in order before they arrive.

To enable this feature, head over Settings and scroll down until you find Arrival Time. Toggle this to ON

Navigate to the Property you wish to create the inspection for, if it doesn't already exist, click here to find out how to add a new property. Click Add New Inspection and now the following will appear under the Schedule section

Set the conduct date and time, making sure to select the Clerk Arrival Time before the start time.

Complete the rest of the information for the Inspection, and select Save and Continue. Clerks will be emailed with the arrival time, and if you have added Contacts and checked the Notify option, contacts will be notified of the Conduct time, not the Arrival time. It will also appear in the calendar as the Clerk's Arrival Time, not the conduct start time.

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