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Integrating InventoryBase with AgentOS
Integrating InventoryBase with AgentOS

Integrate with AgentOS to connect great tools available to agents so the day to day running of your business can be made more convenient.

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AgentOS (previously LetMC) is a property management system with features built by agents for agents. 

The integration between Inventory Base and AgentOS works by checking your calendar in your AgentOS account and converting the relevant appointments into reports to be completed on Inventory Base. 

When you first setup the integration on Inventory Base, you have the ability to choose which appointment types that need to be converted into reports, for example, you have an appointment in AgentOS for an Inspection, Inventory Base will then pull these types of appointments into inspections on your account. 

To set up the Integration, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > Integration > Connect AgentOs on your Inventory Base account 

  • Enter your shortname and API key (you will need to contact AgentOs to retrieve this) 

  • Once you have entered this information, all branches and appointments you have added on AgentOs will appear. Tick which appointment types you want to send to Inventory Base as reports to be completed and from which branches. Select Save and Import. 

Once integrated, Inventory Base will check for any new appointments every day at 6am.

If you need an appointment to be added immediately, select Import Appointments on the integration page (Settings > Integrations > AgentOS) to sync instantly.

Our software works out the inspection type to be added by checking if the appointment type has a keyword (e.g. the word 'Check In' in the appointment type will create a check-in inspection etc. The default inspection created is an Inventory).

Once the report has been completed on Inventory Base, it will append the report URL and report actions to the appointment comments on AgentOs.

Importing your Properties from AgentOS

Inventory Base matches property addresses between AgentOs and your account and adds inspections to existing properties. If the property does not exist in your Inventory Base account, a new property will be automatically created when we import the inspection appointment from AgentOS into Inventory Base.

You can also export your properties from AgentOS and import them into Inventory Base, especially useful if you want to also create inspection appointments from within Inventory Base.

  1. To export your properties, go to Lettings, and select All Active Tenancies Detailed under Tenancy Reports.

2. Once you are in the Lettings page, you will need to select the Branch and Service Type (i.e. fully managed), prior to generating the report:

3. Once you have selected the Branch and Service Type, please select the following filters by clicking on the three dotted icon highlighted in the image below:

  • PropertyAddressLine1

  • PropertyAddressLine2

  • Property Postcode

  • Property Status

  • Landlord's Salutation

  • Landlord's Name

  • Landlord's Email Address

  • Occupier Salutation

  • Occupier Name

  • Occupier Email Address

  • Occupier Mobile Number

4. Click Export to Excel and review the data:

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