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GDPR Compliance

Inventory Base + General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): ensuring the protection of personal data and compliance with legal requirements.

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Strict adherence to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) guidelines is crucial for Inventory Base software. GDPR safeguards the personal data of individuals within the EU, ensuring their privacy rights are protected. Compliance with GDPR is essential for Inventory Base to maintain user trust, avoid legal issues, and uphold ethical standards. Non-compliance can result in hefty fines and reputational damage. Therefore, Inventory Base prioritizes GDPR compliance by implementing robust data protection measures, including encryption, secure data storage, and user consent mechanisms.

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What data is held and where?

When we process a new customer signup, we collect a name, email address, telephone number and optional company name.

This data is distributed to:

  • Our Platform database to create the User Account. Hosted by Amazon in Ireland (see Amazon Web Services & GDPR)

  • Email server (Omitting telephone numbers) as a registration email copy. Hosted by Google (See Google & GDPR)

  • Transactional email is sent via Postmark

  • Our internal CRM system, for logging sales and customer service notes and tracking deals.

  • Our Newsletter system, collecting email addresses to add to our ‘All Subscribers’ list . Hosted by Mailchimp (See Mailchimp & GDPR)

  • Internal Spreadsheets (Name and company only)

  • Cloud Storage (Hosted by Google and Dropbox. See Dropbox & GDPR)

Who has access to this data

Data is strictly accessible by Radweb employees only, specifically for the purposes of supporting the software and customer.

People who handle customer information within the business fall into 3 categories:

  • SysOps – Full unrestricted access to databases, servers and accounts with customer information and data for the purposes of sales and support

  • DevOps – Restricted access to databases and servers with customer information and data for the purposes of support

  • BizOps – Limited access to accounts with customer information and data for the purposes of Sales, Marketing or Support.

How we are complying with GDPR

  • Right to rectification– You’re able to edit account information at any time through your Inventory Base Dashboard and Profile. You can also reach out to us directly to edit or update your information on your behalf. See our Privacy Policy for more information on what data we collect and how that data is being used.

  • Right to be forgotten – You may cancel and terminate your Inventory Base account at any time. If you terminate your account, you will be offered to permanently erase all of your data. After receiving a request to be forgotten, we will permanently delete your account and all data associated with it within 30 days of receiving the request.

  • Right of portability – If requested, we will export your data so it can be transferred to a third party. You’re also able to keep copies of your reports as PDF for each report you complete.

  • Right to object – At any time, you may object (via opt out) to your personal data being used for specific purposes such as direct marketing, research, etc, via your Inventory Base Account Profile.

  • Right of access – We’re transparent about the data we have and how we use it. Refer to our Privacy Policy for information on what data we collect and how that data is used. You can Contact Us at any time if you’d like to access or edit your data or if you have any questions about your data and how we’re using it. When we make changes to our Terms of Service, we’ll send you an update to review and sign.

💡 Read our Privacy Policy for more insights into the data on your account.

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