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Analytics Dashboard
Analytics Dashboard

Interrogate, consolidate & generate Inspection, Team & Client data for in-depth analysis of your account & activities with Inventory Base.

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Analytics is also available as an add-on feature; please contact our support team for more information.

Our Analytics Dashboard gives you the ability to consolidate specific data regarding your Inspections, Team members and/or Clients, allowing you to generate a report based on your desired data.

The Analytics can be accessed from all three tabs, i.e., Inspections tab, Team tab or your Clients tab on your online dashboard > once you click on any of the tabs, you will see the Analytics heading available:

Once you click on Analytics, you will then open up the Analytics Dashboard:

Click on the heading that you want to run analytics for, and use the filter bar on the left of the screen to select the specific data you want to pull for the report.

Once you have selected the filter parameters, click on "Run Query":

The system will then pull up the data as requested.

You can choose to save the data as a report by clicking on the "Save as Report" button:

You can find the saved reports under the "Saved Reports" tab on the Analytics Dashboard:

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