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Adding and Working with Approved Suppliers
Adding and Working with Approved Suppliers

You now have the ability to invite third-party Inventory Base users as Suppliers to your account, making it easier to outsource your work.

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Please note: Approved Suppliers must have an Inventory Base account. Contact Support to switch this option on for your account.

How it Works

An Inventory Base account user can invite other suppliers with their own Inventory Base account to link direct with them and commission jobs for the suppliers to carry out on the user's behalf.
โ€‹Please note: This is a direct relationship between the account holder and supplier so you should agree between you the terms and conditions of your service including the cost of report types from the beginning as payments are not collected by Inventory Base but should be managed direct between both parties and paid on that basis.

Adding an Approved Supplier onto your Inventory Base Account

1. Head over to the Team at the top the dashboard:

2. Click on the Suppliers tab:

3. Click on Invite Account and fill in the supplier's email address

4. The supplier will then receive an email similar to the following to manage your invitation

5. The supplier can then click on the button to take them to the Linked Clients (Clients > Linked Clients) page of their Inventory Base account where they can Accept or Decline the invitation.

6. Once your invitation has been accepted, they can click on the Settings Icon to link you as an existing client in their account:

7. The supplier can also select to use their own branding here too:

Assigning a Job to an Approved Supplier

Click to add a new inspection as usual and when selecting a Clerk from the drop down menu, you will now see an Approved Suppliers section. Click on the desired supplier from the list

This will then notify them via email

And will be able to find the inspection in their Inspections list, ready to assign to a clerk

When clicking on the inspection, the supplier can Decline Inspection or accept by clicking on Assign Clerk

Once a clerk has been assigned, they can then complete the report as usual and submit it back to you review when finished.

After they have submitted it back to you, you can review the report, Request Changes or Mark Complete, as well as Rate the quality of the report.

If the report is left in review for 14 days, it will be marked as Complete automatically and a rating of 5 stars (in each of the below categories) will be given to the supplier.

  • Professionalism - Good communication, turned up on time, represented well

  • Speedy of delivery - Completed the report in a timely manner (typically less than 48 hours)

  • Quality of report - Completed the report to a high standard and good level of detail, including clear embedded photos


Approved Suppliers can now create Inspections in the Linked Client's Account (if permitted).

Please contact our Support team if you would like to enable this on your account.

  1. Navigate to your Team on your online dashboard > click on the Suppliers tab > click on the Settings icon next to the specific Supplier:

2. Toggle "On" the option to allow supplier to create inspection on the account:

3. When the Approved Supplier is logged into their own account, they will be able to search for properties in the your account (Approved Client) to add an inspection for.

The Approved Supplier will automatically be assigned to the inspection that they create.

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