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Using the new advanced Agenda on InventoryBase

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The Agenda feature is now available on the Enterprise package or as an add-on for £25 per month.

InventoryBase's Agenda view feature enables you to view and filter all past and upcoming bookings, to help organise your diary. To access the Agenda, click Inspections and then onto the Agenda tab.

When you first view the agenda, you have the option to view the grid Horizontally or Vertically. InventoryBase will save your preference

You can also filter which clerks to view by selecting Filter Clerks. A pop up will appear where you can re-order the clerks and Enable/Disable who appears in the Agenda

it is also possible to re-assign a booking from one clerk to the other by simply dragging and dropping the existing appointment to the appropriate clerk

If you need to change any further information regarding the booking, click on the appointment on the agenda view to be directed to the Info tab of the inspection.

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