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Importing Properties in Bulk
Importing Properties in Bulk

If you have a spreadsheet/CSV file of all your properties, you can import them into InventoryBase in bulk.

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Note: Certain integrations will synchronise your properties with InventoryBase. If you're integrating with an existing property management system, please see guidance for your specific integration.

Download the following spreadsheet to match with our column headings:

It's also possible to automatically create client login accounts for their associated properties during the import.

To begin, head over to the Properties tab and click on 'Import' from the Add New Property drop down menu:

This will take you to the following screen where you can upload your CSV spreadsheet of properties and clients. There is also guidance on this page regarding what to include in your columns:

Once uploaded, you will be able to preview your property list before confirming:

If the columns are not in the correct order, or the headings are not correct, you can change the column heading from the drop down arrows

Once you are happy with your property list, select 'Confirm':

There will be a pop-up message that will notify you once the import is successful:

Click on the Properties tab to view your new uploaded properties:

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