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Self-Service Inspections
Self-Service Inspections

Inventory Base's self-service inspection option allows the Landlord, Tenant, etc. to conduct property inspections independently via our app.

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Self-service inspections empower property owners, tenants, and managers to conduct their own property inspections using digital tools. This process involves utilizing mobile apps or web platforms to document the condition of a property, including photos and notes, without the need for an on-site Clerk. Self-service inspections offer convenience, efficiency, and flexibility, making it easier to maintain accurate records and streamline property management tasks.

1. Navigate to the property (or Add a new property).

Once you click on the Add New Inspection tab, click on the Report Type dropdown and you will see the Self Service Inspection available as an inspection type:


2. Once you select the Self Service Inspection, you will then be prompted to enter the details of the self-service contact, i.e., the person that will be conducting the inspection.

3. If the third-party that will be conducting the inspection is already listed as a Contact on this inspection, you can select their details from the dropdown option:

๐Ÿ†• You can know set the type of contact the self-service contact is, i.e., Tenant, Landlord, Agent, etc.

4. Once you have filled in the self-service contact's details, select a date and time this inspection should be completed by. You will still be able to invoice your client if required, but transcription options will not be available.ย 

Enter any notes to the tenant, which they will see on their app. You can also send additional notes to the tenant using the Messages feature.ย 

The tenant will receive an assignment email with login details and a link to guidance on how to complete the pre-formatted template.ย 

๐Ÿ’ก You need to be logged in via the Owner / Admin / Manager profile in order to add Self Service Inspections.

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