Integrating with Fixflo

Utilising InventoryBase’s Actions facility and transferring issues to your Fixflo account to allocate to contractors and resolve.

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Fixflo is an online reporting system that allows users to report maintenance issues and provides tools to manage repairs. It can be integrated with InventoryBase at account and client level.

On Fixflo

To integrate your InventoryBase account with Fixflo, please navigate to your Fixflo account and follow the directions below:

  • On the left-hand side, click your name and then 'My profile'.

  • On your profile page, scroll down and click 'Authentication tokens'.

  • Under 'App Id', please enter 'INVENTBASE' (this must be in capitals).

  • This will then create a token on your account, which can be applied to your InventoryBase account. Keep this window open or select the Copy icon ready to paste into your InventoryBase integration settings.

For more information, please read the direct Fixflo integration guide:

On Inventory Base

Once the code has been generated and copied, navigate to your Inventory Base account and follow these directions: 

  • Click Settings > Integrations > Connect Fixflo

  • From here, enter in your Fixflo domain name and select continue

  • Once you have entered your Fixflo account information, scroll down to copy and paste the Access Token that you received from Fixflo

  • After clicking Confirm Fixflo Connection, your InventoryBase account has now successfully been integrated and you should see the below. 

Once you have integrated, click on the Settings option to customise when actions are sent, what actions are sent and how to group the actions.

You can also turn syncing on/off per inspection type by clicking Settings at the top of the screen and then onto the Actions tab to customise when actions are sent, what actions are sent and how to group the actions.

If selected, Inventory Base will sync properties at 6am on a daily basis.

You can choose from a dropdown menu to select which fault to file the action under in FixFlo, or also choose to not sync to FixFlo.

After Integration

Once a report is marked complete, any actions that you have listed will then create an issue that is pushed through to your Fixflo account. 

Find out more about Actions on InventoryBase here.

NOTE - If a property is deleted within InventoryBase, and you sync, it will not be re-imported.

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