Looking for guidance using internal or external Transcription? See Using the Transcription Service

InventoryBase provides seamless audio playback tools for transcribing your dictated audio recordings into a completed, typed report using InventoryBase's online report editor.

If you wish to make use of InventoryBase to transcribe your own reports in-house, this feature is for you.

Using the fixed Audio Player shown at the bottom of the report editor window, you can skip, step and navigate through your rooms and audio recordings while typing up your report.

When the end of the audio for the current room has been reached, you'll automatically be scrolled down to the next room/section, so you can effortlessly continue to type away without the need for your mouse.

Using Foot Pedals to Control Audio Playback

If you use USB-connected Foot Pedals, you can make them work with InventoryBase using Chrome and our InventoryBase's Audio Playback Chrome Extension.

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