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MRI Sales & Lettings Integration
MRI Sales & Lettings Integration

Learn how to integrate your Inventory Base account with MRI Sales & Lettings.

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Before you can get your integration set up, you will need to have the following information that can only be provided by the MRI team - you will need to raise a support case through the MRI Client Portal and the team will provide the details:

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

  • Scope

Now it's time to set up the integration from your Inventory Base account. Start off on your online dashboard > click on the Settings tab:

Scroll down to the Workflow options > MRI Sales & Lettings integration

Once you click on the blue Connect MRI Sales & Lettings tab, you will need to enter the Client ID, Client Secret and Scope that you received from the MRI team:

Once you have entered the details, click on Connect. You can then choose the Settings for the integration:

You can navigate to this Settings at any time; click on the blue Settings tab under the MRI Sales & Lettings integration.

Click on the green Sync Properties tab under the integration to manually sync any new properties or update existing properties:

The system will inform you of the amount of new properties that are created in the sync, as well as the number of existing properties that have been updated on your Inventory Base account.


The Inventory Base software will only sync through a PDF copy of the inspection back to your MRI Sales & Lettings account if there is an Active tenancy on the property (on the MRI Sales & Lettings account).

Where to find the Inventory Base inspection (PDF) and Actions on your MRI Sales & Lettings account:

Once you have conducted an inspection and marked it Completed on your Inventory Base account, a PDF copy of the inspection will automatically sync through to the property on your MRI Sales & Lettings account.

Navigate to the property on your MRI Sales & Lettings account >> click on Admin >> Letters

You will see the inspection listed under the Letters tab.

If you want to open, download or edit attributes of this inspection, you will need to hover your cursor over the specific tab:

If you click on the Actions List on the right panel, you will then see all the actions that were flagged for this specific inspection:

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