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Hide Attachments on Report
Hide Attachments on Report

Choose to hide any attachments from a section or item on your final report.

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You may have some attachments that you do not want to display on your final report; this feature allows you to choose to hide any attachments from your Uploads tab on a report.

New: Hide Attachments in Bulk from the Report Editor > scroll down to learn more.

Start by navigating to the inspection on your online dashboard > click on the Uploads tab.

Click and open the image you wish to hide > toggle On the 'Hide On Report' option and click on Save:


You now have the ability to hide attachments in bulk from the report editor.

  1. Navigate to the info page of the inspection > click on 'Edit Report':

  2. Click on the camera icon next to the Section/Item that you wish to hide the attachments > this will open the attachments to view:

  3. Click on the small white box at the top right corner of each photo that you want to hide > this will tick the photo(s).

    Once you have selected the desired photos, click on the drop down arrow next to Modify Selected and click on 'Hide Selected on Report':

  4. The hidden attachments will still be visible for you to see while you are editing the report, but will have the 'No Display' icon above the photo(s):

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