Note: Comparison photos will only appear with lifecycle reports, i.e., Check In > Check Out ; they will not be available on standalone reports.

Please contact our Support team if you do not have access to this feature.

First, you need to decide if you'd like to display your comparison photos on all Check Out reports, or selected Check Out reports.

If you'd like to see comparison photos on all Check Out reports, you will need to enable this feature for the this report type:

- On your web dashboard, navigate to your Settings tab > Reports.

- Under report settings > choose Check Out Inspection.

- Scroll down to enable 'Photo Comparison'.

If you'd like to see comparison photos on selected Check Out inspection reports, you will need to enable this feature per inspection:

- On the inspection, navigate to the Settings tab > scroll down and enable the "Photo Comparison" feature (Only visible for Check Out report type):

  1. Create, conduct & close your Check In report.

2. Create Check Out report and ensure that you are continuing from the previous Move In:

3. Fetch the Check Out inspection on your InventoryBase app and start the inspection:

4. You will see the photos from the previous inspection also available to view on the app. under 'Previous Room Photos':

5. Navigate to a specific section on your app and click on the previous image > press "Retake" and take a new photo:

6. Once you have completed the inspection, proceed to Sync the Check Out inspection.

Back on the web dashboard, don't forget to go the Uploads tab of the inspection and click on 'Copy from Previous Inspection' > this is to ensure that the Check In inspection images will also appear on the Check Out:

7. Complete the Move Out inspection report > view the web report.

On your web report, you will now be able to view a side-by-side comparison of the photo(s) from the Move In inspection and the Move Out inspection:

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