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On your desktop dashboard, navigate to the inspection you need to work on and click on 'Edit Report'. Find the Room/Block that you want to configure > click on the 3 dots to the extreme right of the block:

Once you've customised your block fields and columns, and optionally added some default line items, you can save this block as a Preset to use again in the future.

From the 3-dotted menu, click on 'Save as preset':

The Block/Room will then be saved as a custom preset button. You will be able to add the Preset Block to any report via this button.

To add it to a report, scroll down to the "Add New Block' tab:

You will see your Preset Block saved > click on the Preset Block to add it to your report.

Alternatively using the mobile app, simply tap on the ADD button on the bottom right of your rooms list, and select the preset from the menu.

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