Please contact our support team to switch this feature on for you.

Key Features: add PDF's, Word Docs and DocsX files to your reports. Choose how and where they display so that report info is easy to find and share.

Key Benefits: additional evidence or information can help in a dispute. Vital information and resources stored in one key document. Reports act as a single source for guides and instructions.

*Your inspection has to be in the Active or Review status in order for you to upload files.

  1. Go to the inspection on your desktop dashboard and click on the Uploads tab:

2. You can then choose the files that you would like to upload to report from your device by clicking the 'Choose Files' tab:

3. As you upload the files that you want to include into the report, they will list at the bottom of the screen. We currently support PDF and Doc/DocX files.

4. You can further edit the file name or leave a comment on each uploaded file > click on the file that you want to edit:

Here you will be able to:

  • Caption - display an optional description of this file below the thumbnail in your report.

  • Room - choose where this attachment should display and be referenced in your report.

  • Show Document on Report - this gives you an option to show a link to this file after the property images on the final report.

You also have the option to download or delete the file from the inspection.

Once you click on the Save button, your files (and your desired settings) will be saved to the report.

You also have the option to copy over files that were attached from a previous report for that property.

  1. Click on 'Copy From Previous Inspection:

2. Make sure that the files are not already included as they will be duplicated if already attached:

Once you click 'Yes, I'm Sure', all the files from the previous inspection report done on the property will pull through to the current report.

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