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Sharing Unique Report Links For Contacts to Add their own Additional Comments
Sharing Unique Report Links For Contacts to Add their own Additional Comments

Generate unique links to track who has opened, viewed and commented on a reports.

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Before reading this guide, please familiarise yourself with adding contacts to an inspection as well as enabling additional comments for contacts to add any notes.

Click here to read the guide on how to add contacts and recipients to an inspection.

Click here to read the guide on how to enable additional comments.

Once you have marked a report as Complete, contacts are sent unique links to the report, so that their name will appear next to their comments.

Alternatively, you can share the report by selecting View Report > Share and enter the email of the person you would like to send it to. Once the contact accesses the web report, InventoryBase will allow them to comment once they enter their name (as along as anonymous commenting is disabled, otherwise Anonymous will appear next to their comment instead of their name).

If the Allow Anonymous Commenting setting is disabled then the flow of commenting for anonymous users will be different. If anyone tries to comment anonymously, InventoryBase will ask them for their name and email to then send out an email with a new report link. This report link will be unique to them so their name will appear next to all their comments. To switch anonymous commenting on or off, head to Settings > Reports > Tenant Feedback > Allow Anonymous Commenting

Monitoring who has received the report

To view the full history of all recipients and shares of each report, including a status for the recipient opening the email, click the 'Share History' tab within the Inspection on the website.

As contacts receive a unique report link, it is possible to trace who has clicked and viewed the reports, as well as when emails were opened.

If you would prefer to manually email the report link to the Tenant or Client, it is possible to generate their own unique report link.

This gives you a complete audit trail of when the report is viewed, to use in the event any disputes arise.


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