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Tags for Properties
Tags for Properties
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Tags allow you to search and filter properties or inspections by a keyword that you've added to the property.

You can tag a property to simply provide the status of a property, log an event to the audit trail, or indicate any additional information to your users.
Clients and external users will not be able to see tags. Tags are internal and only visible to logged in Team members.

Click on a Property address and Tags will be manageable on the right hand column under Notes.

Tags added and removed will create a notification and be added to the audit trail for this property.

Any inspections created for this property will include the tags within the Inspection Details, for clerks to take note of:

Click Pencil icon / Manage link to amend tags on a Property.

You can add one or many tags to a single property.

From your Properties or Inspection List / Calendar pages, you can filter results by one or more of the Tags you've created.

Tags give you the ultimate flexibility to search, categorise and add short notes to properties and inspections within your InventoryBase system.


Tags - Custom Colours & Re-Order Option

You can now assign a custom colour for each tag, which will appear on lists and calendars, as well as re-order the tags if desired.

First, navigate to your Settings tab on your web dashboard > under the General Settings, scroll down to "Tags" and enable the tag colours feature:

Once enabled, you can then click on the Manage Tags to customise your tags. Click on the White Box next to the tag to edit the colour:

Choose a colour from the colors provided, or alternatively add the Hex Colour Code to match your brand ID:

If the tag is assigned to a property, it will now reflect the colour chosen on the Property list and the Calendar:

You can also re-order the tags as you'd like them to appear > click on the 3 lines next to the tag you want to move, and drag it to the slot you'd like it to appear on your list:

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