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Customising Emails Sent from Inventory Base
Customising Emails Sent from Inventory Base

Customise the content of your automated emails sent to Tenants, Landlords and Clients

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For Enterprise packages only

InventoryBase allows users to customise emails sent out to Clients, Tenants, Landlords and Agents when a booking/report is created, completed and/or closed. It is also possible to customise SMS messages here too.

To manage your Custom Emails, click Settings from the top menu bar and then click the Emails tab.

You will notice along the top that you can filter by Clients and Inspection Types to customise the emails for.

You can choose to edit the emails for all clients and inspection types, or a specific client and/or inspection type. On this page you will find the types of emails that can be customised.

Click on Edit to enable emailing and to amend the text.

You have a choice to use the Default email from the system, or choose to create your own Custom email.

On the right hand side is a list of email tags you can use. These placeholders will automate data and prepopulate information such as the name of the recipient, the address of the property and so on. You can add as much or as little information as you like.

Click Save on the bottom right of the page once you have finished editing the email.

Click Preview on the bottom left of the page to preview how the email will look when sent to the recipient


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