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Copy part of a report to a new report
Copy part of a report to a new report

Export a partial report you're working on to edit as a separate report.

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If you're working on a report, such as an inventory, and you want to send your client part of the report straight away while the rest is worked on, you can use the new Copy to New Report option in the Preview dropdown:

Tapping 'Copy to New Report' will show a window allowing you to select which sections of a report to copy.

Once you've done that, press Continue, and you can choose the basic report details:

You can set the title of the report by clicking into the 'Standalone Inspection' title field, amend the date and time and choose who the report is assigned to (defaulting to yourself). 

If you wish to copy the photos and any other attachments such as audio clips or videos that are assigned to the selected sections or items within the sections you're copying, then you can check the 'Include Photos and Attachments' field, otherwise uncheck this to copy the text only. 

Press confirm to create the new inspection and navigate directly into the new report.

You can also have the option of merging with an existing template. Please contact our support team if you'd like to access this feature:

This means that the new report will contain the rooms, items, etc. of the template, with the contents of those rooms, items, etc. being filled from the previous report.

You can still select whether to include attachments and actions (but answers will always be carried across).


Say the selected template has the following room with a Bed item:




If the previous report also contained a Bed item, this would be overwritten in the new report:


Old, brown


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