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Using the Dictionary Online
Using the Dictionary Online

Effortlessly finalise your observations with a simple tap, leveraging the flexibility of your customisable dictionary to expedite reports.

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Explore the comprehensive guide on utilising the Dictionary feature in Inventory Base's online desktop version, and for guidance on the App version, click here. Simplify the report creation process with the integrated Inventory Base Dictionary system, ensuring a seamless experience for producing detailed and accurate reports effortlessly.

🔖 Explore the superiority of Inventory Base's app in expediting property reporting with these key features:

  • Effortlessly navigate a list of items, descriptions, or conditions, selecting the relevant choice with a simple tap.

  • Accelerate your reporting process by typing sentences and filtering suggestions based on your input (e.g., 'white').

  • Enhance efficiency with customizable shortcuts for matching longer phrases or entire sentences (e.g., 'wp' for 'white painted').

  • Construct complete sentences seamlessly by combining a few strokes (e.g., 'wh' for 'white,' 'pai' for 'painted,' and 'woo' for 'wooden').

  • Integrate your device's dictionary or utilize speech-to-text through your keyboard's microphone button for enhanced versatility.

💡 Your Dictionary will be shared across your Team to improve consistency in reports and training. Any changes to your Dictionary will sync with your mobile app when you login.

To fetch new changes, tap 'Fetch Online Preferences' from your app's Settings page.

The Dictionary that loads differs according to the selected input:

  • Adding a Room/Area: Loads the common 'Rooms' dictionary

  • Adding an Item: Loads the common list of 'Items' specific to the room and all non-specific Items.  

  • Entering a Description: Loads the 'Descriptions' specific to the item and all non-specific descriptions. 

  • Entering a Condition: Loads the common 'Conditions' dictionary. 

  • Adding an Item to the Meters block: Loads the common Meters dictionary

  • Adding an item to the Keys block: Loads the common list of Keys 

  • Adding an item to the Alarms block: Loads the common list of security/safety alarms

  • Adding an item to the Manual block: Loads the common list of appliance/household manuals

Room-specific Items are Items in your Dictionary that only show within certain rooms, like "Kettle" only showing within "Kitchen". Any matching items will show starred at the top of the dictionary list when adding a new item. 

Item-specific Descriptions are descriptions in your dictionary that only show for specific items, i.e. "White painted wooden door" only showing when the item is named "Door". Any matching descriptions will showed starred at the top of the dictionary list when modifying an item's description. 

We've pre-populated your Dictionary with a bunch of industry standard items, descriptions and conditions. If you wish, your Dictionary can be personalised and customised online via your Dashboard (Settings > Dictionary). 

While you're completing a report on the app, Inventory Base will remember any descriptions or conditions you type for specific items and automatically star them at the top of your Dictionary list when you're modifying a similar item in another room. 

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