Note: This is an Enterprise feature.
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The Availability Manager under your Settings menu will allow you to configure what's available for your Clients to book appointments directly into your diary. 

You can block out specific times of the day, or days of the week which you do not want to receive direct bookings for. 

Simply click on the hour you would like to block. Alternatively click on the date to block out the whole day. For example, below's opening hours are 10am-5pm Monday to Saturday. 

You can also toggle your Availability Manager to schedule blackout days and holidays in advance. Just flick the toggle on the top right to 'Holidays' 

Click and drag on the time and dates to book holiday.

When your clients come to Add a new Inspection via the InventoryBase Dashboard, they'll only be able to select days and times that aren't blacked out via your Availability calendars. 

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