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Using the Transcription Service
Using the Transcription Service

Learn how to use the Inventory Base Transcription service for processing audio files into written reports

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Inventory Base includes an optional module to add Transcription to your Inventory Base system and workflow. The built-in Transcription Service will allow you to opt in to sending your dictated audio files directly to our team, returned to you fully typed up into the Inventory Base Report Editor, ready to amend or send.

To enable Transcription, click Settings on the top menu bar. On this page you'll see an option for Transcription which you just need to toggle ON.

Once that's done you'll be able to select your default turnaround time. This is the turnaround time that you'll most commonly use, but you'll still have the ability to select a different turnaround when you add a new inspection.

Same Day: 6-12 hours of submitting the report (by evening if submitted in the morning, by the next morning if submitted in the evening). 

Next Day: 24 hours of submitting the report. 

3 Days: 48 hours from submitting the report.

Please Note: Timing of reports returned from the typing service are not approximate and may vary depending on the volume of work.

On the second step of the Add Inspection page, you can choose whether or not to submit your dictated report to our Transcription Service, or your own Typist.

If you don't choose the Transcription service when adding the inspection, or want to turn it off, you can do that online from the Edit Inspection page or by clicking the cog on the Inspection Info screen:

Tap on the cog icon besides the 'Typist: Unassigned' row and you'll get a popup to choose which typist to assign:

Once you mark your report complete with the Typist assigned, your Workflow will progress to the Processing stage, where the report will be typed up and returned to you for review.

You'll be notified via your Dashboard and by email when it's reached the Review stage:

When in Review, you can make any changes you need to the report, upload or move photos around, and finalise the report for sharing. Click here to learn more about editing and completing reports online.

Once the inspection has been returned from the transcription team, you will have the option to "Re-submit For Processing" if you want any information to be amended. You will have the option to add feedback for the transcription team.


Depending on the selected turnaround time, audio transcription will be billed a set rate based on the total audio minutes transcribed.

To view your Transcription charges, click Settings on the top menu, then the Transcription tab. Your transcription fees will accumulate here every day and be grouped by month (up to 30 days since you were last billed).

Our per-minute rate for audio transcription starts at 35p per minute. Contact us for full rates or more information.

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