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Assigning a typist
Assigning a typist
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To assign a typist you must first enable Transcription from your Settings page. Click Settings on the top menu, then click on the Transcription tab.

Once Transcription has been enabled, you will be able to use Typist Workflow features.

To assign your reports to InventoryBase's Transcription Team, just select 'InventoryBase Transcription' when creating reports. Otherwise create your own Typists under the Team menu.

If you've already created an inspection and want to assign it to a Typist, click the Cog besides the Assigned Typist line on the Inspection page:

Once a Typist has been assigned, you will notice the Workflow will update to include Processing and Review states.

Typists will be notified when reports reach the Processing stage, and when they complete their transcription job then you will be notified when the report reaches the Review stage.

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