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Workstreams Contracts
Workstreams Contracts

Offer a specific contact for multiple jobs to a curated network of professionals within our Workstreams Network.

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Our Workstreams Contacts feature is available to all approved Buyers / Suppliers within the Inventory Base Workstreams network.

Workstreams Contracts is the ultimate solution for connecting with top-tier inventory suppliers within the Inventory Base framework to offer out tenders for multiple jobs to a network of professionals.

📤How to set up and offer your Workstreams Contract to Suppliers

  1. Click on the Workstreams icon at the top right corner of your online dashboard > click on Contracts:

2. Click on "Offer New Contract":

3. Add the contract details - you will need input the following information:

  • Description of the Contract

  • Start Date + End Date

  • Use your own branding or use the Supplier's branding

  • Add any specific documents

  • Expected Monthly volume of inspections

  • Enable/disable the inspection types you want to offer

  • Choose coverage areas

  • Add additional price per area (furnished / unfurnished), and set your price for the property / inspection type

  • Add your payment details (you can choose from the card you have on file, or add new card details. Once you are done, you can accept the terms & conditions and submit your contract.

Once you have submitted your contact, all Workstreams Suppliers located within the coverage area(s) you selected in the contract will be notified on their dashboard. A Supplier will be able to review your contract and submit their own bid.

Click on the blue "AWAITING BIDS" to the left of the contract to see any bids made by Suppliers:

You will then be able to decline the bid, review the offer made by the supplier, or see any messages that the Supplier has left on this bid.

You can also cancel this contract if required (bottom right corner of the panel):

Any contracts that are cancelled will also be listed:

📥 Contracts offered to you as a Supplier

If a Contract is available to you as a Supplier, it will be displayed under the Workstreams tab on your online dashboard >> "Contract Offers":

Click on the "Review and Submit Bid" to go through the contract. You can input your own prices, add notes that you want to leave for the Buyer, etc.

Once you are happy, you can click on "Submit Bid" at the bottom of the contract:

Once you have submitted your contract bid, it will be sent back to the Buyer for review.

Any contracts that you have submitted a bid for will appear under your Contract Offers:

If you have submitted a bid for a contract, but want to withdraw the bid, click on the red 'Withdraw' button - you will be able to provide feedback to the Buyer and withdraw from the offer:

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