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Assigning/Reassigning Properties in Bulk to a Client
Assigning/Reassigning Properties in Bulk to a Client

A new and easier way to assign clients on InventoryBase

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Assigning properties one by one to a client can be a tedious task, so to speed up the process, we have made it possible to assign properties in bulk to a client.

On the properties tab, click on the blue Select option

Checkboxes will now appear along the left hand side of the addresses

Once you have selected the properties you would like to assign/reassign to a client, select the drop down menu

From here, click Assign/Reassign Client

A pop up of all your clients will then appear, search and click on the client followed by Assign to Client

A Warning pop up will then appear. Please read and check the checkboxes to confirm that you are happy to proceed, followed by Assign to Client

Once you have changed the associated client, we'll only update the client for unclosed and future inspections. Any completed reports will remain assigned to the previous client.


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