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Displaying Invoices in a Client's Account
Displaying Invoices in a Client's Account

How to switch this setting on or off for a client

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Firstly, please familiarise yourself with price lists and collecting payments through InventoryBase

Depending on the settings, a Client will be able to see an Invoice tab when they log in to their InventoryBase account

Here they can find all their invoices listed, and filter by Paid/Unpaid on the left hand side

To enable/disable this feature for an existing client, head over to your Clients tab on the top of the screen

Click on the client who you wish to update the settings for, followed by Edit Client

On the Edit Client page, scroll to the option Show Invoices in Menu and toggle to On or Off as per your preference

If you are adding a new client you will see the Show Invoices in Menu option here too

If it is switched off, clients will not have access to the Invoice tab on their account.

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