Please note that approved suppliers must have an InventoryBase account and is only available on Team and Enterprise packages

Adding an Approved Supplier onto your InventoryBase Account

Head over to the Team at the top the dashboard

Click on the Suppliers tab

Click on Invite Account and fill in the supplier's email address

The supplier will then receive an email similar to the following to manage your invitation

The supplier can then click on the button to take them to the Linked Clients (Clients > Linked Clients) page of their InventoryBase account where they can Accept or Decline the invitation

Once your invitation has been accepted, they can click on the Settings Icon to link you as an existing client in their account

The supplier can also select to use their own branding here too

Assigning a Job to an Approved Supplier

Click to add a new inspection as usual and when selecting a Clerk from the drop down menu, you will now see an Approved Suppliers section. Click on the desired supplier from the list

This will then notify them via email

And will be able to find the inspection in their Inspections list, ready to assign to a clerk

When clicking on the inspection, the supplier can Decline Inspection or accept by clicking on Assign Clerk

Once a clerk has been assigned, they can then complete the report as usual and submit it back to you review when finished

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