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Applying as a Supplier on Workstreams
Applying as a Supplier on Workstreams

Bid on locally outsourced reports submitted via InventoryBase Workstreams

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To access and bid on local jobs submitted via InventoryBase Workstreams, you must first submit an Application Form to be approved on the supplier network.ย 

To complete your Workstreams Application, you will need:ย 

  • Contact details

  • Company details, type and number (if applicable)

  • VAT Registration no (if applicable)

  • Insurance Policy Documents

  • Any Awards, Accreditations or Certifications

  • Any Associations & Affiliations

  • Privacy policy and GDPR compliance statement

  • Subscribed areas

  • Subscribed report types

  • Pricing for each report type / property size / furnishing level

  • An example report (produced by you within InventoryBase) for each report type you want to subscribe to

Once you have been vetted and approved by the InventoryBase Workstreams admin team, you'll receive access instructions to the full guidance pack for suppliers.ย 

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