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Outsourcing via Workstreams
Outsourcing via Workstreams

Offer jobs to local vetted inventory providers via InventoryBase Workstreams

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InventoryBase Workstreams is a service provided by InventoryBase that facilitates the end to end process of outsourcing property visits and reports to professional service providers in your area. 

InventoryBase Workstreams provides you the assurance that all service providers who bid for your job have been vetted for their ability and required insurances and are known to produce reports of a good quality. 

To outsource a property visit via InventoryBase Workstreams, simply select the 'Outsource via Workstreams' option in the Assign Clerk dropdown: 

If you've already created the inspection, simply click on the 'Outsource via Workstreams' button on the upper right of the Inspection Details page.

When you select the option to Offer via Workstreams, you'll be presented with an additional window to confirm the details of the job offer:

To process your job offer, you are required to provide accurate details about the property size and furnishing. Enter the furnishing, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and any additional non-standard areas, like extra reception rooms, study, laundry room, garages, outhouses, etc. 

Further information can be provided by clicking on 'Show Additional Notes/Special Instructions', allowing you to write more information about the job requirements or property layout. We recommend not writing any revealing or personal information in this field.

IMPORTANT: When your job is submitted / offered to the network, we will not reveal the full address of the property nor client information or any private details until you have selected a supplier. Suppliers can only bid on jobs according to the report required, size and furnishing of property and whether or not you require your own branding on reports. 

While payment details are required to submit offers to the Network, no payment will be taken at this page. 

Once your job is awaiting bids, you'll see a purple bar across the middle of the Inspection Details window, tracking the number of bids you've received. 

You can review the bids you've received by clicking on the purple bar, or by clicking on the Workstreams icon on the top menu:

You'll also receive alerts by email and see notifications on your Dashboard when bids have been made. 

Bids will be listed underneath each report in the "Outgoing Offers' page. You'll be able to see bidders basic details, ratings and USPs, as well as their bid price. 

Click Review bid to view the detailed breakdown of the bid and any suggested alterations to date/time. 

At the point of selecting a supplier / bid, you will be required to make the full payment up front. InventoryBase collects and holds your payment in escrow, giving your supplier confirmation to complete the job at the allocated date and time. 

Should the supplier find additional work is required on-site, they may raise an additional invoice / charge, which you will be required to pay prior to receiving the completed report. 

Once the supplier has returned the completed back to you, you may request further changes as many times as required until you are satisfied. 

Once the report is finalised and marked complete, you will be able to review the supplier and rate them on a scale of 1-5 in 3 categories:

  • Professionalism - Good communication, turned up on time, represented well

  • Speedy of delivery - Completed the report in a timely manner (typically less than 48 hours)

  • Quality of report - Completed the report to a high standard and good level of detail, including clear embedded photos 

At this point, the funds will be released to the supplier. Your invoices will be automatically added to your account. 

If the report is left in review for 14 days, it will be marked as Complete automatically and a rating of 5 stars (in each of the above categories) will be given to the supplier.

IMPORTANT: Inventory Base offers built-in payment protection. If for whatever reason your report is not completed to an acceptable standard, you will be entitled to a refund. If your selected supplier is unable to fulfil the job for any other reason, Inventory Base will assist in sourcing another supplier for you. 


Ensure that you set up your Inventory Base wallet - this allows any Workstreams payments that are owed are paid to you.

Navigate to your Settings on your online dashboard > Wallet.

NOTE: once the Buyer marks the inspection as Complete on their side, the payment owed to you can take between 7-10 working days to reflect in your Wallet.

Have any questions relating to outsourcing via InventoryBase Workstreams? Contact 

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