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Deleting, Disabling or Reassigning a Client
Deleting, Disabling or Reassigning a Client

This guide will tell you how to delete a Client from your account and what happens to their reports

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If you wish to move on from a client, then you may wish to remove them from your account. 

Deleting a Client

To delete a member of your team from the system, navigate to Clients along the top of the screen and click on the user you wish to delete. 

From here click Edit Client

Here, you have two options at the bottom of the screen - Disable Client and Delete

By selecting Disable Client, this will disable the Client’s login. Their properties and inspections will still be accessible. 

However, if you no longer wish to store their data, select to delete the Client instead.

By selecting to Delete the client, the following pop-up will appear to confirm that you wish to Delete the Client, as well as any data attached to them

Any complete inspections assigned to the Client will be marked as Closed. The client will then be removed from any open inspections and properties, but their information will still appear on inspections that have been closed.

If circumstances change, and you wish to undelete the user, please contact support and we will see what can be done.

Reassigning a Client

If you wish to update the assigned client of a property, you can do that via the Edit Property page.

Search for the property you wish to edit, via the Properties tab. Once you have selected the property, click the blue Edit Property link in the upper right of the page.

Simply update any the client as required, then press Save Property.

Once you have changed the associated client, we'll only update the client for unclosed and future inspections. Any completed reports will remain assigned to the previous client.

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