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A Guide to Clients Adding a New Inspection with the Option to Add Uploads
A Guide to Clients Adding a New Inspection with the Option to Add Uploads

Clients can now upload existing Word and PDF documents, such as previous reports and safety certificates

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In InventoryBase, an “Inspection” is a property report of some kind, whether it’s an Inventory, Check In, Check Out, Interim Inspection, Risk Assessment or any other type of property report.

Please note that if you would not like your clients to have this ability, you can switch this off. From the Clients tab, find and click on the client and then onto the Settings tab. Under the Enabled Inspection Types section, you can check and uncheck the type of inspections you would like your client to add.

After you add a client to your account, they then have the option to book in any future inspections using InventoryBase by selecting Add Inspection. They will find this button on the top right of their Dashboard or Inspections page.

The first screen will be the property screen, where the client can type a new property address or click the 'Existing Property' button to select an address you've already added before. 

On the next screen the client can then select the Report Type, date and time of the Inspection. They are not able to select the Clerk, and inspections are only created provisionally until you confirm them. Click here to read about the TBC feature. 

Once they fill in the schedule of the Inspection, they can they select to upload a document for this property. 

Example of existing documents they may wish to upload vary from previous reports (for example if you are doing the Check Out and would like access to the Check In), gas and safety certificates, and so on. 

Only PDF and Word documents are accepted. 

When the Inspection has been created. The client will be able to see the following screen:

You will then be notified to confirm and assign a clerk to the job. You can confirm the job by select the settings icon next to Conduct Date. You can also click Edit icon next to the Template section to apply a template to the inspection. 

You can view the client's document in the Uploads tab. 

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