How do I create other Clerks?

Additional Users are available on the Business & Enterprise plans.

You can add other users to your Team. These additional users can be Managers (see everything), Clerks (see only what they're assigned) and Typists (see only what they're assigned that's in Processing). 

Once logged in to the InventoryBase Dashboard, click Team on the top menu, and select ‘Add New User’ on the top right.

Enter your colleague's information, name and email at a minimum. You can choose to untick 'Send Login Details' if you don't want InventoryBase to send them their username and password just yet. 

Once all the information is entered, click on 'Save User'.

You can edit users any time by navigating to the Team screen and clicking the user in the list, then the blue Edit User button on the top right of the user's history screen. 

To change the role of your User once you've added them, click the blue Edit User link and you'll see buttons to enable as Manager or Typist on the bottom left

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