Using the App

Once logged into the App, click on View Inspections to begin.

Click on the Property you are producing the report for. You will be presented with the Inspection information screen.

From this screen you can see the Inspection type, eg Inventory, Check in or Check Out, the full address and date to conduct the report. You'll also see the location of keys and internal notes, and be able to get directions which will launch the Map client to find the property. 

When you're in an Inspection, there are 4 buttons on the bottom toolbar to complete the report, including:

  • Info - The screen you're on
  • Report - The full report data including rooms, items and conditions with assigned photos and voice notes
  • Checklist - If Checklists are setup online, these questions will be mandatory to answer before completing a report, so that nothing is missed
  • Attachments - The complete list of photo thumbnails assigned to this report
Note: At this point, you no longer need an Internet connection to be able to produce the report.

Click on the Report tab to start adding report data. 

The first screen you'll be presented with is the Rooms list. Add a new room by clicking the [+] button on the top right. 

You'll be able to selects from your Rooms Dictionary, or free type a new room name to add it to your report.

When you want to add items and conditions to the room, click on the room you created in the Rooms list. 

Here you'll see two buttons on the top right, a Paperclip for taking and assigning a voice note or photo, and an [+] Add button for creating a new item. 

NOTE: Photos can be assigned to rooms or to items individually. Photos that are assigned will appear on the report with their reference number relating to the room generally or a particular item within that room. 

To add an item, click the [+] button and you'll get the Add Item screen:

  1. Select from a list of items stored in your Dictionary, or type one manually
  2. Enter a description for the item
  3. Enter conditions for the item manually or click Use Conditions Dictionary to search and select multiple conditions from your Dictionary. 
  4. Click Save to store the item and details

To assign a photo to this item, click on it in the Room's Items list and click the Paperclip icon. You will be presented with a choice to take a photo or a voice note. Voice note will launch a voice recorder, and photo will launch the camera on your device. 

The item view screen will show all assigned descriptions, conditions, voice notes and photos.

You can also edit the details of the item by clicking the Pencil icon.

Continue to add all your items and rooms one by one, until the report is complete.

Note: Alternatively if you are using voice notes you can defer adding items until later during transcription, and just assign voice notes and photos to rooms. 

Once you are complete adding report details, click on the Checklist tab to mark answers and comments for any Checklist questions.

Once this is complete, return to the Inspection info tab, and click the blue Sync button on the top right. 

Sync will show you a full list of all pending data to be uploaded, including the number of photos. Click on the Sync button at the bottom to begin uploading.

Note: You will need to restore Internet connection to Sync your changes online. If you are uploading many photos, we recommend a stable WIFI connection. 

When the Sync button has turned green, you are complete! You can view your changes online and make any final amendments before marking complete for the Client. 

IMPORTANT: If you manually Logout of the app before Syncing up your local data, you will lose any un-synced changes. 

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