Syncing the App

Once you've downloaded the app from your device's App Store, you'll need to login for the first time to authenticate your device for your account. 

Login using your account email address and password. Upon a successful login, your Inspections and account settings will start syncing to your phone and you'll see the menu screen including buttons for View Inspections and Sync

You can retrieve updates from InventoryBase and changes to Inspections any time by clicking on the Sync button and then the button Retrieve from InventoryBaseIf you're downloading Inspections that have data and photos assigned, it may take a short while to Sync fully depending on your connection. 

IMPORTANT: If the account owner or a manager has turned on Accept & Decline, clerks will need to login to the web portal to accept the inspection before seeing it on their mobile app. 

When you've added data to the device, you'll see a full list of rooms, items, photos and voice notes pending upload. Click Sync to begin the upload, sending your data back to InventoryBase. 

You can then review your report online making any final amendments before marking it as complete for the Client. 

Note: We recommend doing this from a WIFI connection if there are many photos to upload. 

If you are experiencing any problems Syncing to the mobile app, make sure that your Internet connection is stable, that you have active Inspections in your online Inspection list (by clicking Start Report on the Inspection details screen), and that you are the clerk assigned to the Inspection. 


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