Adding your Properties

Once logged in to the InventoryBase console, click Properties on the top menu, and select ‘Add New Property’ on the top right of the main panel.

Enter the property address and details, you can opt to enter additional notes about the property here for reference later.

You can also opt to enter a Reference for the property. We might use the the Reference field in the future for integrating with 3rd party Apps, in case you have the same properties stored in two or more systems. 

Once you've entered everything - click on 'Save Property'.

At any time you can access all history and historical reports for a Property by clicking on the address under your Properties tab. You can also upload additional documents and files under the Uploads tab for storage. 

Update Property details or additional notes any time by clicking the blue Edit Property link in the upper right. You can also create an Inspection for this property directly from this screen. 

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